Achievements and trophies revealed

News posted by Ryan on August 27th, 2009 at 11:08pm GMT

Brutal Legend achievementIf you’re one of those obsessive-compulsive types who can’t rest until every last achievement has been unlocked in every game you play, you’re probably dying to know how you’ll be spending the next eight months of your life.

Electronic Arts has provided me with a list of the Xbox 360 achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies along with the criteria required to attain them, so prepare for some heavy revision! Also comes with bonus revealing of the names of Brutal Legend‘s chapters.

  • Got a Car and a Date: Completed “Welcome to the Age of Metal”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Start a Revolution: Completed “Exploited in the Bowels of Hell”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Thick as a Baby’s Arm: Completed “Lair of the Metal Queen”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Hair Remover: Completed “Battle for Bladehenge”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • French Kiss Instructor: Completed “Pilgrimage of Screams”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Chicks n’ Booze n’ Stuff: Completed “Sanctuary of Sin”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Ran to the Hills: Completed “It’s Raining Death”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Fistfull of Fog: Completed “Dry Ice, Wet Graves”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • No More Tears: Completed “Sea of Black Tears”
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Groupie: Completed Campaign mode on Easy
    (25 points,  silver trophy)
  • Roadie: Completed Campaign mode on Normal
    (25 points, silver trophy)
  • Legend: Completed Campaign mode on Brutal
    (25 points, silver trophy)
  • Overkill: Completed all hunting secondary missions
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Squeal Like a Chicken: Completed all racing secondary missions
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Protector: Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Metal God: Achieved 100% completion on the stats screen
    (50 points, gold trophy)
  • Serpent Samaritan: Freed 40 Bound Serpents
    (10 points, bronze trophy)
  • Serpent Spanker: Freed 80 Bound Serpents
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Serpent Savior: Freed all 120 Bound Serpents
    (25 points, silver trophy)
  • One Hit Wonder: Purchased 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge
    (5 points, bronze trophy)
  • Loyal Customer: Purchased all upgrades in the Motor Forge
    (25 points, silver trophy)
  • Virtuoso: Learned all guitar solos
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Tourist: Viewed all vistas
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Now You Must Tell the Tale: Viewed all Legends
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Voices From Beyond: Unlocked all songs in the Mouth of Metal
    (20 points,  bronze trophy)
  • Flowerslave: Summoned all Motor Forges
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Practice Bloody Practice: Won an AI Stage Battle any difficulty
    (10 points, bronze trophy)
  • Iron Fist: Won an AI Stage Battle — Brütal difficulty
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Victör: Won a ranked multiplayer match
    (10 points, bronze trophy)
  • Subjügator: Won 10 ranked multiplayer matches
    (20 points, silver trophy)
  • Cönquerer: Won 50 ranked multiplayer matches
    (50 points, gold trophy)
  • Master of the Flame: Double Teamed with every Ironheade unit
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Master of the Tear: Double Teamed with every Drowning Doom unit
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Master of the Blood: Double Teamed with every Tainted Coil unit
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Armchair General: Won a Stage Battle by yourself against the AI without attacking
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Favored: Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes
    (30 points, silver trophy)
  • Sellout: Spent 250,000 fans — any mode
    (30 points, silver trophy)
  • Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper: Slayed 150 enemies with the Deuce — any mode
    (30 points, silver trophy)
  • I’ve never touched an axe before: Personally smote 300 enemies — any mode
    (30 points, silver trophy)
  • Silence, groundwalker!: Gained 5 or more seconds of hang time in a single jump — any mode
    (10 points, bronze trophy)
  • Six Degrees of Schafer: Played with Tim Schafer or another player who has this Achievement
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Ringleader: Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron’s Double Team
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Painkiller: Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Dollpocalypse: Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood’s Double Team
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Euthanasia: Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter’s Double Team
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Death From Above: Killed 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Coolest Thing Ever: Jumped over a Hextadon in the Deuce
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Beast Master: Rode every animal in the world
    (15 points, bronze trophy)
  • Boar Bather: Rode a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale
    (50 points, silver trophy)
  • Quill Tosser: Killed a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins
    (20 points, bronze trophy)
  • Rock God: Got all PS3 trophies
    (platinum trophy)
42 nutters have commented on this post
1. Kajebus 11 years, 1 month ago

Wow tis a list…… gonna be fun gettin all of em, and i would love to play with tim =)

2. Death in a handbasket 11 years, 1 month ago

I’m gonna need alot of painkillers for my gamer’s thumb…and tim schafer is a playable character?

3. exterminater999 11 years, 1 month ago

lol but tim will be hard to beat,
he created this game :S haha :P

4. Coggs 11 years, 1 month ago

I know for a fact this will be the first game I will go out of my way to get every achievement in. Also, I am very glad that there is only like 4 online achievements in this game. I hate when games are loaded with online achievements, cuz even tho I am pretty damn good at most games, there is always someone better out there and it makes getting most of the online achievements a HUGE pain in the ass! Thank you Tim!

5. Potatoe sam 11 years, 1 month ago

how do we play with tim schafer is he unlockable or just by chance he goe’e online?

6. Ryan BRUTAL! Staff 11 years, 1 month ago

To put the achievement criteria into more understandable terms: you need to either play a multiplayer game with Tim Schafer himself, or play with somebody else who has. :)

7. xRenZx 11 years, 1 month ago

Anyone here willing to help me with the online trophies? Of course i’ll also help you to get them. Maybe when we have all trophies we still can play Brütal Legend online?

Add me on PSN: xRenZx

8. Kajebus 11 years, 1 month ago

Yeah same thing as xRenZx but via the xbox, and then we can play together =D, trust me….. i will be VERY good at this game when it comes out….. cause im a whore it

9. Potatoe sam 11 years, 1 month ago

i complete story before goin online

10. Kajebus 11 years, 1 month ago

Ya same here potatoe, but im thinkin story shouldnt take more than a day

Gamertag- Piespork

11. Potatoe sam 11 years, 1 month ago

alot of metal puns there lol hair remover probably something with general lionwhyte

12. Andy 11 years, 1 month ago

Greatest trophies evarh!

13. TheBeastWithin6 11 years, 1 month ago

Hey Kajebus When my xbox is fixed i can play with you.Im just gonna send you a friend request.


14. Potatoe sam 11 years, 1 month ago

add me on ps3 then potatoe_sam-5000

15. Troy 11 years, 1 month ago

racing missions will be fun, what with the missle launchers and mines

16. Potatoe sam 11 years ago

ign released most of the first cut scene cept for ormagoden bit

18. Shawn 11 years ago

Rock God: Got all PS3 trophies
(platinum trophy) so getting it :]

19. Mykal 11 years ago

Well probably be a good idea to have one topic or place on the site to post GamerTag or the Playstation equilviant. I am MawBedlam there.

20. Mykal 11 years ago

On XBL I am MawBedlam if I confused anyone with my comment on there should be a listing of the Playstation equivalent to the XBL GT as well as XBL GTs,

21. TheBeastWithin6 11 years ago

so its OK to send you a friend request then right if it is youll know its me…trust me

22. Mykal 11 years ago

If someone puts there gamertag as you put it online that is generally the idea they want the friend requests. Much like I link to the website that I write for in my name, so that people intrested will go there.

23. partdemon 11 years ago

i bet jack black or tim will have like a day where they will be online and play with us like the game with fame thing on xbox live and on that day my life will be complete

24. Demonlord 11 years ago

i will happily accept any challenge but the story will take more than a day and plus anyone know jack blacks or tim’s gamer tag?? XD the surprize on peoples faces when they get the acheivment

25. Demonlord 11 years ago

P.S my gamer tag is hiddenleaf

26. Demonlord 11 years ago


27. Mykal 11 years ago

Why ya have to bringa da up da Nurto?

28. Potatoe sam 11 years ago


29. A7X DEATHBAT 11 years ago

ill help someone with online on 360 my gamertag is Jessevip

30. Mykal 11 years ago

Potatoe Sam it is a joke refering to Demonlord’s gamertag.

31. Potatoe sam 11 years ago

oh ok

32. Demonlord 11 years ago

lol i made it when i used to like it nd i cba to spend some moneyz to change it

33. Potatoe sam 11 years ago

spent money oh yeah xbox oh well

34. a man of brutal...portions 11 years ago

my gamertag is xxthealphamalex… tell me your from if you send me a friend request though or else i wont know what the hell is goin on haha

35. ReaperofFlesh 10 years, 12 months ago

Tis Bitchin list.

36. ReaperofFlesh 10 years, 12 months ago

My Gamertag be Anarchy1080 Add me. Thats just the way i am Bitches.

37. Demonlord 10 years, 12 months ago

XD love that gamer tag alphamale

38. HellRaiser 10 years, 12 months ago

can’t wait to play and get achievments on brutal legend also hey demonlord

39. jack2233 10 years, 11 months ago

how do i complete the overkill trophy i did every hunting thing but i didnt gt the trophy. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP……. add me as jack2233 on psn thank you’

40. jack2233 10 years, 11 months ago


41. john 10 years, 7 months ago

any1 else having problems with overkill trophy not unlocking

42. Donald Feerer 10 years, 4 months ago

Need to play someone with the Schafer award, need to complete, I’m going mad….at least thats what the voices are telling me

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