Win an Eddie Riggs figure from BRUTAL!

News posted by Ryan on October 10th, 2009 at 8:43pm GMT

Eddie Riggs figureWith those Eddie Riggs figures being so damned awesome, I decided that it’s only right BRUTAL!‘s readers get a chance to win one. So, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to swipe one from the unholy crypt of Brutal Legend merchandise and am giving it away!

Behold the complex entry requirements:

  1. Check that you live in the United States (Sorry if you don’t!)
  2. Leave a comment on this post that includes “Me please!” or something like that

On Rocktober 13th — the day Brutal Legend hits US stores — I’ll run the names of those who comment through a randomiser and announce the lucky metalhead.

It’d be wise to leave me some way of getting in touch with you (email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so I can notify you if you win. If you’d rather keep that private, just be around in a few days and you can send me an email to claim your booty!

Good luck!


[October 11th, 2009 at 10:51am GMT+1] A few people have expressed concern about the possibility of people entering multiple times under different names. Just to clarify, IPs are logged and thus brutal measures will rain down upon those who employ such tactics (ie: disqualification).

Update #2

[October 13th, 2009 at 10:39am GMT+1] Winner announced!

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1. ThunduhChunkie 7 years ago

Me Please!

you can reach me at

2. CadaverErutan 7 years ago

Me please!
hit me up on:

if i win…

3. Sickenly 7 years ago

Me Please!

4. Mark 7 years ago

Me please!

reach me at

5. Sean 7 years ago

Me Please!

6. BrutalFan 7 years ago

I relly love this game and being a fan of great bands that are in this game like Motley Crue, Tenacious D, 3 Inches of Blood, Motorhead and Judas Priest really make me even more excited for this game and winning the trophy would make me even more stoked soooo
Me Please!
you can reach me at

7. Noyb 7 years ago

Me please, or something like that!

8. MasterDRD 7 years ago

Dude I’m seeing Metallica on Rocktober 13th AND getting my Brütal Legend preorder, and on the European release date (Rocktober 16th) I’m going to the Dethklok/Mastodon co-headline tour, not to mention my best bro who I haven’t seen in over a year is headed down from the frozen northern wastes to join the festivities. There’s only one thing in the world that could make this week more metal, and that would be f***ing winning an exclusive Eddie Riggs figure, not to mention it’ll be a permanent reminder of the greatest week of my life for years to come! Send me a fire tribute at if the titan gods of metal choose me to bear this great honor…

9. Potatoe sam 7 years ago

wow im so jealous master drd thats so awesome but i live in ireland so i cant get it oh well

10. MasterDRD 7 years ago

Isn’t it hella freaky though that 2 of my favorite bands are playing on the release days of the greatest game ever made? That’s what convinced me about this game originally, the release date being the same as my favorite band’s concert. Sign from the motherf***ing metal gods without a doubt… \m/

11. josh 7 years ago

yyyeeeeaaaahhhh \m/ >.

12. josh 7 years ago

err, something screwed up on that post. email-

sorry ;]

13. Kroms 7 years ago

Me, please! (Super geek moment.)

…Contact me…errr…here?

(And I don’t live in the US, but half my family does. Woohoo! So don’t worry!)

14. Potatoe sam 7 years ago


15. Coggs 7 years ago

Me pretty please! (Hope the “pretty” increases my chances, hah)

16. Ryan Alger 7 years ago

Oh God, Me Please!!

17. Jorge 7 years ago
18. Anonymous 7 years ago

Please choose me, I would love to win this!


19. Gryphon6 7 years ago

I would love that statue and it would be the highlight of my room.

20. TFD 7 years ago

Brutal Legend will be the Awesomest, most Skull Crushing, Face Melting, Head Banging, Throw your horns up in the air and Rock the F**K Out Game to ever exist! Hells yeah give me a Statuette depicting this level of Metal destruction!

21. Reven 7 years ago

I am the child of Ormagöden Give it to me I command It!

23. Serp 7 years ago

Me Please!

twitter: Serpman

24. Derek 7 years ago

Rock on! \m/

25. Andy 7 years ago

Checking, checking…. Oh, awwh… just realized that I don’t happen to live in the US….. but denmark

26. SeanM. 7 years ago

I look forward this game, and I would like to own this Eddie Riggs figure.

Or: Me, please!

27. Potatoe sam 7 years ago

never knew so many people went on this site

28. shisno57 7 years ago


my e-mail

29. MasterDRD 7 years ago

Hey it’s not called the “Legendary Fan Site” for nothing… Also they haven’t put it up on the front page yet but Gamespot has a full hour of Tim Schafer and Erik Robson playing Brütal Legend, starting in the headbanger mines right before the bossfight.–brutal-legend

30. Andy 7 years ago

It’s exactly like when there’s a free stuff competition on the official Brutal Legend facebook or twitter site. People are real hustlers when it comes to free stuff :) . Free stuff is awesome

31. Teresa 7 years ago

Heck yes me please.

Twitter contact: euphoriafish

32. Ross 7 years ago

Sign me up! (a.k.a. “Me Please!”) :)

Twitter: fivestringgecko

33. BrooD 7 years ago


34. Mykal 7 years ago

Me Please. Be a real joy to have it. My twitter is MykalWane and add to MykalWane you have my email.

35. 7 years ago

ME! ME! MEEE!! Please?

And, last time I checked, I DO live in the US.

36. Metal Cannibal 7 years ago

i would then become a brutal legend!!!!!
btw \m/ ME PLEASE! \m/

37. Levi 7 years ago

Me please! My birthday is Friday. This would be a metal birthday present in addition to my pre-ordered copy of Brutal Legend!

38. blazzinblood 7 years ago

Please Me!

39. duff390 7 years ago

awsome game.can’t wait for it to come here in greece

40. Badger Wilson 7 years ago

Sign me right the hell up.

Tweet me at BadgerWilson.

41. Thuhreaper 7 years ago

IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS EVER SINCE THE RELEASE DATE SO LONG AGO! when i first saw it on the front page of game informer… i was mesmerized…. I looked in and saw…what…. Videogames and Metal Merging? WHO COULDA THOUGHT! and even better i saw it was tim schafer, and ever since that day in 2007 i have been PUMPED FOR THIS EPIC TALE OF SUPER AWESOMENESS.

42. [DEREK] 7 years ago


43. TheoKan 7 years ago

Me Please! Have fun on Rocktober 13th!!

44. Angelo 7 years ago
i wanna win

45. billoo13 7 years ago

I need this figure. I can’t wait till this game comes out. This game is going to be so ungodly brutal!!!!!!!!!!!
\m/ (o_o) \m/

46. billoo13 7 years ago

sorry forgot here is my email.

47. Luke jones 7 years ago

Have u guys thought bout making a miniatures games outta brutal legend??? and yes i want the fucking figure

48. Luke jones 7 years ago

Me please

49. Hamza 7 years ago

I would like a Brutal figure omg! Hit me up via Twitter please:

50. Kaungo 7 years ago

Moi Please!!

51. Geoff Miller 7 years ago
52. Hammith 7 years ago

Hell yeah! Me Please!

53. Thlopp 7 years ago

Me please..

54. Chuchunezme 7 years ago

oh hell yes give me one of these Brütal figurines

55. Oscar T 7 years ago

Me Please!

56. Morphine16 7 years ago

In for the win, please :P

57. noleofantastico 7 years ago

pretty please, with a disembodied demon liver on top!

58. Firestorm9527 7 years ago

That is a sweet figure.

59. Oscar T 7 years ago

Me Please!
Now With Email!!

60. Josh Grilli 7 years ago

Meeeeeeee please!

61. noleofantastico 7 years ago

pretty please, with a disembodied demon liver on top!

62. Chanaluss 7 years ago

chana just confirmed that Kentucky hasnt run off anywhere.
here’s hoping im lucky

63. CapnBald 7 years ago

I need this figure so that it can ravage my Resistance 2 Chimera.

64. Ios 7 years ago

Ceramic figure?! I think you mean METAL figure!


65. SotoSaki 7 years ago

Ohh, I’d love to win one of these. It’s just such a Brutal figure.

66. Ios 7 years ago

Ceramic figure?! I think you mean METAL figure!

EDIT: Me please! I can’t read. Please excuse the double-post.


67. dip 7 years ago

That is one badass freakin’ statue. Sign me up.

68. CodeMonkey 7 years ago
69. Tony 7 years ago

DO WANT! err. . . me please

70. GDW 7 years ago

Me please! With entrails on top?

71. Matsuura-kun 7 years ago

me Me ME!!!

72. Cervidanti 7 years ago

Eddie is HOT :D

73. Codypotamus 7 years ago

Brutal Legend is gonna melt your face off!!!

74. Jim 7 years ago

Me please!
Twitter: angryamish

75. Mack 7 years ago

Me please!

76. Alexander 7 years ago

Me please! Brutal Legend is hands down my most anticipated title of the last two years.

77. Samuel 7 years ago

Please Me! wait that’s not right?

78. DJ 7 years ago

Wow. That is badass at its most badass. Yes please.


79. Julian Griego 7 years ago

Please Please Me!

80. Kanashimi 7 years ago

I’ll be honest, I’m so excited for this game. Anything by Tim is amazing, can we say Full Throttle? I’m a big figure collector, so me please!

You can reach me at kanashimi(AT)faithfuldreamer(DOT)net — replace the (AT) with a @ and (DOT) with a .

That’s to avoid spam, thanks!

81. Einhazard 7 years ago

“Me Please!”

Feel free to send me one of those figures. Hit me up at

82. Kevin 7 years ago

Me Please!

kevin.nyman ___AT____

83. Ian Horner 7 years ago
84. jslizzle 7 years ago

By the hardcore graces of people, places and things metal. And by the Titans of Rock themselves can I please have this Eddie Rigs monument bestowed upon me? Thank you “DECAPATATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!”

85. Kicken 7 years ago


Me Please!

86. Nintendo Tim 7 years ago

Oh dear sweet Jesus, pick me.

pacokorn77 at gmail dot com

87. Veagor 7 years ago

DAMNIT. Why can’t you ship it outside the states? Be happy to buy it off anyone who is crazy enough to sell it. Guess I’ll have to be happy with my standee…

88. Bandit64 7 years ago

Testing my luck, me please.

89. TheBrainninja 7 years ago

Ooh, I’ll have death! No! Cake! No, statue! Statue, that’s the one!

Me please!

90. Paul 7 years ago

It’s either the US I live in, or a great simulacrum…I think Eddie would look awesome on my shelf next to the 360!

91. Andy 7 years ago

I’d appreciate one, please.


92. Dan 7 years ago

Me Please!

93. ZackL 7 years ago

Me please!

95. ANGEL 7 years ago

ME PLEASE……seriously!

My birthday is 10/12/91

96. Justin 7 years ago

Me please!

97. ZackL 7 years ago
98. Tom 7 years ago

Let’s give it a shot, thanks for the opportunity!

99. LoZ12001 7 years ago

I would enjoy a finely sculpted piece of art.

100. Tim Spollen 7 years ago

me me me me!

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