Win an Eddie Riggs figure from BRUTAL!

News posted by Ryan on October 10th, 2009 at 8:43pm GMT

Eddie Riggs figureWith those Eddie Riggs figures being so damned awesome, I decided that it’s only right BRUTAL!‘s readers get a chance to win one. So, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to swipe one from the unholy crypt of Brutal Legend merchandise and am giving it away!

Behold the complex entry requirements:

  1. Check that you live in the United States (Sorry if you don’t!)
  2. Leave a comment on this post that includes “Me please!” or something like that

On Rocktober 13th — the day Brutal Legend hits US stores — I’ll run the names of those who comment through a randomiser and announce the lucky metalhead.

It’d be wise to leave me some way of getting in touch with you (email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so I can notify you if you win. If you’d rather keep that private, just be around in a few days and you can send me an email to claim your booty!

Good luck!


[October 11th, 2009 at 10:51am GMT+1] A few people have expressed concern about the possibility of people entering multiple times under different names. Just to clarify, IPs are logged and thus brutal measures will rain down upon those who employ such tactics (ie: disqualification).

Update #2

[October 13th, 2009 at 10:39am GMT+1] Winner announced!

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1. Don 10 years ago

This would be an awesome addition to my collection of stuff!

2. Tony 10 years ago

Me please

3. Anthony 10 years ago

This would be a pretty awesome thing to put on my shelf.

4. Tyson 10 years ago

I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!!!

I couldn’t deserve this awesome statue of metal, awesomeness and pure kickass-ness!!

Party on Wayne!

5. Thatguy 10 years ago

I hope i win 1!

6. AndoCalrissian 10 years ago
7. Robar 10 years ago

i want to win free stuff

8. Lars 10 years ago

Please me?

9. Bryan 10 years ago

Me Please!


10. Bryan 10 years ago

Me Please!

11. TheBeastWithin6 10 years ago

Me please!my myspace is Zane A.

12. Steph 10 years ago

Bitte! Bitte! Bitte! Wählen Sie mich aus!

Me please

13. bigc895 10 years ago

Me please!

Stay Brutal!

14. Beang 10 years ago

Me Please!

twitter: sgawlowski

15. Josh 10 years ago

Me please!

16. MEtal Guest 10 years ago

Throwing my hat in, contact me at

17. Michael Price 10 years ago

I would be forever grateful to win such a gorgeous piece of artwork.


18. BjornUnicorn 10 years ago

Sure thing bud.

19. BjornUnicorn 10 years ago

Oh yeah e-mail is

20. Jon R. 10 years ago

Amazing, I would love this in my home

21. HightopNinja 10 years ago
22. Foehammer111 10 years ago

Me please!
GT: Foehammer111

23. Snow 10 years ago
24. Matt 10 years ago

Me please!

email me at

25. 10 years ago

me please

26. Christopher Mendoza 10 years ago

Super please. This would rock.

Email (


27. Chad Howard 10 years ago
28. dalejr88fan 10 years ago


reach me at

29. goomba stomper 10 years ago

i would like one please

30. Cowie 10 years ago

Count me in for one!

31. KyleC 10 years ago

Me please. My figure collection sorely lacks metal and Eddie would more than make up for it.

32. PrestonF 10 years ago

I certainly wouldn’t mind adding the figure to my collection. :)

33. Rmlurker 10 years ago

Hell yeah, I would like to win this brutal figure.

34. Rob 10 years ago

Pretty please with Lita Ford on top.

35. Jonathan London 10 years ago

Which is cooler? The Eddie Riggs statue or the Guybrush Threepwood VS LeChuck statue from Lucas Arts!?! I don’t know! I want them both!

36. Andrew 10 years ago

This guy! Right here!

37. eddie booze 10 years ago

october 13th is my birthday

So what are the odds of read 1200+ getting it? Well, me please…now we wait

39. ink 10 years ago

Me Please

Reach me:

40. Sliferjam 10 years ago

I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get it,

41. shadowvash04 10 years ago

I would totally have my socks rocked off if I won one of those statues! Im totally stoked for Brutal Legend on Tuesday, Im taking off work early and the next day to play through the game, cant wait to indulge in total metaldom!

42. shadowvash04 10 years ago

Oh yeah, my email is

43. Franco 10 years ago

help me, i am poor child who lives in the streets who can only afford a 42 inch tv and a playstation 3 and brutal legend. if i get this figure then my parents will finally look at me=D

44. Franco 10 years ago

oh contact me at

45. Dane 10 years ago

Me Please

46. UhMilhouse 10 years ago

Looks like a great game, and I’d really like to win that statue.

Email –

47. Strider HiBiKi 10 years ago

Oh God please me.

48. only1matters 10 years ago

Me please!

e-mail if I win.

49. Dethklokfan 10 years ago

I would love one of those. It would go suitably with my Dethklok shirt from the recent Vancouver show at the Orpheum. for any notifcation of winning. Crossing fingers.

50. deathCHILLA 10 years ago


51. Erick Miranda 10 years ago
52. Cykra 10 years ago

“Anyone want an amazing figure of Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend?” Me Please!! Send my winning notification to

53. Robbie Chance 10 years ago

Me Please!

54. Shawn 10 years ago
55. Sebastian 10 years ago

Me please! ‘Cause I’m, like, a totally awesome rocker! \m/

56. Dustin 10 years ago

Ooh ooh pick me!

57. Sebastian 10 years ago

Me please! ‘Cause I’m, like, a totally awesome rocker! \m/

Sorry, my email is:

58. snarkie 10 years ago

Oh my! Statue, please!

A girl needs some Eddie Riggs to stare at on her desk at work. Those dictators won’t let me play on company time. Pfft.

59. AlphaDemius 10 years ago

Me Please! :O

60. Bartist 10 years ago
61. Curt 10 years ago

Fuck yes, I want this.

62. Kid Presentable 10 years ago

Of all the things I could ask for, a statue of Riggs and nothing more.

Me please!

63. MannyFan146 10 years ago

Me Please! or something like that

Twitter: @Buffalo_Raisin

64. Bruce 10 years ago

Oh hells yeah, kick down!


65. Aly Hawana 10 years ago

Woooo! Yo right here!!!

66. Pat 10 years ago

looks so awesome

67. ProtegeofRock 10 years ago

What’s Rockin guys? I have been a fan of Brutal Legend since i heard of its existence. A game where you can use Rock N Roll as a weapon is pure genius. Having this face-melting work of art grace the prescence of my room would be awesome. So if its cool with you i would like for you to please choose me as the proud owner.

68. Clomp Baby 10 years ago

I know a certain Clomp Daddy that would love one of these!

Me Please!!

Twitter = @stephpuft

69. Tyler 10 years ago

This would look awesome on my desk at the new internship!

70. proggykins 10 years ago
71. Ethan 10 years ago

I think a little Eddie Riggs would be the perfect thing to give my older bro for Christmas. So, me please?

72. Tyler W. 10 years ago

Sorry for the double post I was Tyler.
This would look awesome on my desk at the new internship!

73. Scooter411 10 years ago

Oh me! me the mostest… I would love that forever!

74. Sean Taylor 10 years ago

MIn the name of all things Tim Schaffer, Me please!

75. Andre 10 years ago

Me Please!

76. Enrique Villena 10 years ago

I have candy :)

77. GauntletWizard 10 years ago
78. kalensglitch 10 years ago

Me Please! Can’t wait till the 13th.

79. Karlin 10 years ago

Me Please!

80. Gary 10 years ago
81. SimonTheDigger 10 years ago

Ooh, ooh, I want one too!

82. Atrices Montoya 10 years ago

Hey four years man 4 years i’m the big cheese so please pick Atrices Montoya.
yours truly,
Atrices Montoya

p.s. I LOVE saying my name Atrices Montoya

83. Andrew 10 years ago


84. Naylor 10 years ago

Me please!!! I live in the U.S. as well. My email is:

85. Antiuniverse 10 years ago

Hey, I finally found a use for my Twitter account!

(Me please!)

86. Shawn 10 years ago

zomg me wants!

87. Mike Mahon 10 years ago


I would love this statue

88. Alex Nielsen 10 years ago

Me lease!


89. Kevin Zaker 10 years ago

I would love one!

kevin.zaker AT gmail DOT com

90. Danielle Murray 10 years ago

OMG!! This would make an awesome b-day gift for a friend who’s been waitin’ for this game for a couple years now.

91. Aaron Huggins 10 years ago

Lemme hear it for Eddie Riggs!!

92. Wafflebot 10 years ago

I would love to own such a wonderful piece of art. :O

93. Jonah FeBland 10 years ago

Pos-i-tive at-ti-tuuuuudeeeeeeee!

94. Pete 10 years ago

Please, please, please! I beg you.

95. Daniel Belair 10 years ago

ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

96. Daniel Belair 10 years ago
97. Matt Arnold 10 years ago

Been following this game since it first popped up in that issue of game informer long ago. This statue is fucking metal. I don’t really expect to win, but I might as well try!

98. Daniel Belair 10 years ago
99. Daniel Belair 10 years ago
100. Arian Pohan 10 years ago

oh god that would be so awesome

arian.jonathan (at)

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