Win an Eddie Riggs figure from BRUTAL!

News posted by Ryan on October 10th, 2009 at 8:43pm GMT

Eddie Riggs figureWith those Eddie Riggs figures being so damned awesome, I decided that it’s only right BRUTAL!‘s readers get a chance to win one. So, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to swipe one from the unholy crypt of Brutal Legend merchandise and am giving it away!

Behold the complex entry requirements:

  1. Check that you live in the United States (Sorry if you don’t!)
  2. Leave a comment on this post that includes “Me please!” or something like that

On Rocktober 13th — the day Brutal Legend hits US stores — I’ll run the names of those who comment through a randomiser and announce the lucky metalhead.

It’d be wise to leave me some way of getting in touch with you (email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so I can notify you if you win. If you’d rather keep that private, just be around in a few days and you can send me an email to claim your booty!

Good luck!


[October 11th, 2009 at 10:51am GMT+1] A few people have expressed concern about the possibility of people entering multiple times under different names. Just to clarify, IPs are logged and thus brutal measures will rain down upon those who employ such tactics (ie: disqualification).

Update #2

[October 13th, 2009 at 10:39am GMT+1] Winner announced!

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1. Blake 10 years ago

I would love to have one. :)

ps. Tim Schafer rocks!

2. MavisPuford 10 years ago

That blake one above was me…

3. BradE 10 years ago

Hey, love the game, fantastic work, it’s a real tribute to the music I’ve grown up with. if I get lucky and win, thanks guys, love the game!

4. Brad 10 years ago

Me Pleeeeasseeeeeeee!

5. Brad 10 years ago
6. seth 10 years ago

yes please and thank you!?

7. Brendan Shea 10 years ago

Me Please!


8. Sixsin 10 years ago

Me please.

9. JoT 10 years ago

Me Please!

ghostjot (at) gmail (dot) com

10. Rich Henry 10 years ago

Hello, thanks for the great demo, cant wait for the game. Its nice to see such a clear fun vision make it to the shelves! You guys rock, all the way from the gates of hell apparently…

11. cyberknight1188 10 years ago

Awesome piece of work!! Love the pose.

12. Speed Racer 10 years ago

NOTHING could be more metal than giving it to me.

13. zeus41782 10 years ago

me please! Oh man that’d be tight! Zeus41782 (AT)

14. Patrick Bell 10 years ago

Fuck hell yeah!

15. Charlie 10 years ago
16. Dan Irwin 10 years ago

Oh lord and webmaster of all that is brutal, there’s nothing more I would want from your dark and evil graces than a statue of Eddie Riggs about to drop some metal punishment upon an about-to-be-split demon skull. Here’s to hoping the randomizer likes that.

17. Olzaru 10 years ago

Wow 16 pages of people
I hope I’m not to late

18. Rocket 10 years ago

DIBS! That is totally mine!

19. Sanct 10 years ago

Me please

20. Zack 10 years ago

Me Please. Keep it METAL!

21. Bry 10 years ago

Wow, making the world beg for a statue…ingenious, gotta be good for the ego of the gift-er. Why didn’t i think of that? ;)

22. Gabe Nieto 10 years ago

Please give me my Eddie Riggs fix!

23. Mike Henriquez 10 years ago

Yes Please!

24. Amanda 10 years ago
25. CobblerFiend 10 years ago

me please!

im at

26. scott beaudoin 10 years ago

I’d appreciate one, very much so

27. Bogart 10 years ago

Me prease not getting this would dishonor my famiry

28. BPLlama 10 years ago

Me Please!

29. Lloyd 10 years ago

Metal Gods, please shine your graces on me… ;(

30. Joe Lay 10 years ago

Me please!

joetabascoman AT

31. xanfantasy 10 years ago

me please.

xanfantasy (at) gmail .com

32. James 10 years ago

This is awesome.

ajmorganinc @

33. Anonymous 10 years ago

me plz, k thx bye.

34. Cleveland 10 years ago
35. Exifna 10 years ago

MePlEaSe. I’m most likely not going to win this like i never win anything.

36. Jerry Spreingfeld 10 years ago

Me please!! I love the Negro Jack and DETHKLOK metal!

37. Matt M 10 years ago

Cannot wait for this game.

“Me please!”

38. demi-fiend 10 years ago

Only two hours to Rocktober 13th here, and the game has already shipped to me from amazon. Hooray for release date delivery. The perfect compliment to all the impending metalness would be this statue, so GIVE IT!

39. Mordos Kull 10 years ago
40. Baron Brain 10 years ago

It’s sooooo utterly Brütal of you to tease us with this amazing statue, so…

Me Please!

41. NuclearNinja 10 years ago


42. NuclearNinja 10 years ago

Crap. I hope I didnt enter twice, if I did just ignore the most recent one.

43. Steeljaw36 10 years ago

Heh. Badass! Definatly Me please!!

44. Death in a handbasket 10 years ago

“Me please!” or something like that.

45. Don 10 years ago

Me please!

46. Steven Reynolds 10 years ago

Oh man, me please!

47. Paraphrase 10 years ago

Me please!

I will accept my silent notification of defeat at

48. Miss Fortune 10 years ago

please? *does puppy dog eyes*
man that is one awesome statue. *crosses fingers and hopes*

can be reached at

49. Dourin 10 years ago

Me Please!

50. matt 10 years ago
51. Brandon 10 years ago

“Me please!” or something like that

52. Anonymous 10 years ago


Metal is Perfect
Metal is
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Metal is

My Email is

53. Ryan BRUTAL! Staff 10 years ago

OK, as of this comment entries are closed. :)

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