Win an Eddie Riggs figure from BRUTAL!

News posted by Ryan on October 10th, 2009 at 8:43pm GMT

Eddie Riggs figureWith those Eddie Riggs figures being so damned awesome, I decided that it’s only right BRUTAL!‘s readers get a chance to win one. So, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to swipe one from the unholy crypt of Brutal Legend merchandise and am giving it away!

Behold the complex entry requirements:

  1. Check that you live in the United States (Sorry if you don’t!)
  2. Leave a comment on this post that includes “Me please!” or something like that

On Rocktober 13th — the day Brutal Legend hits US stores — I’ll run the names of those who comment through a randomiser and announce the lucky metalhead.

It’d be wise to leave me some way of getting in touch with you (email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so I can notify you if you win. If you’d rather keep that private, just be around in a few days and you can send me an email to claim your booty!

Good luck!


[October 11th, 2009 at 10:51am GMT+1] A few people have expressed concern about the possibility of people entering multiple times under different names. Just to clarify, IPs are logged and thus brutal measures will rain down upon those who employ such tactics (ie: disqualification).

Update #2

[October 13th, 2009 at 10:39am GMT+1] Winner announced!

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1. electricakes 11 years ago

I’d love to have a shot at this.
Twitter– electricakes


2. alvin 11 years ago

ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!


3. BoxxMann 11 years ago


This majestic figurine would be glorious sitting high on my shelf tainting the rooms existance with brutal metal glory!

4. Monty 11 years ago


That figure rocks.

5. Johnny O 11 years ago

Me Please! send to:

6. Domynation 11 years ago

Me Please!

7. Zachary George 11 years ago

I have never won anything in my life. Change that for me.

8. Lucas Flatter 11 years ago

Pick me.


9. Trijerico 11 years ago

Pick a fellow Metalhead =D \..\,(//.-),/../

10. Tht1dood 11 years ago
11. Brandon Thompson 11 years ago

I would love to win that brutal piece of art.

12. Howard H 11 years ago

I would enjoy it! Me please!

13. Jaret Curial 11 years ago

Ah ha! I knew it, big awesome figurine! Kind of sexy though in a weird way.

Me please.

14. Gonzo 11 years ago

Give to me the Idol of Riggs, or I swear, by the power of all that is metal, I will strike thee down with a vengeance so mighty that Asgard itself will will be shaken to its very core. When tales of my brutality are retold to our children’s children, you, mister moderator, can either be known as the one I spared, or the one I took my time on. The choice is yours.

15. Chlorinox 11 years ago

Me please! I looooove you.

16. matt why? 11 years ago

Me, please! Or something like that. (har har)

17. Spencer 11 years ago
18. Caleb Jones 11 years ago

Me Please!
Gimme Gimme Gimme Eddie Riggs *Epic, face-melting guitar solo* YEAHH!

19. Keegs 11 years ago

Damn…forgot my email. I really would love to get my hands on one. Im in the States. Please pick me. That figure is rocking.

20. Ian 11 years ago


I remember looking at Double Fine’s webpage for jobs back in college and reading about the trials going into Brutal Legend.

I made a freaking character based on the style choices employed in Psychonauts.

I’ve been waiting for this game for years!!

Can’t wait til Tuesday.

21. LordShplane 11 years ago



22. Trevor 11 years ago

my email is

Please give this to ME, good sir.

23. SpencerG 11 years ago

Please please please.

Twitter: @SpencerGuy

24. MrTeach 11 years ago

oh my goodness gracious mmmmmyeeeeesss

25. Mark 11 years ago
26. Wii-man 11 years ago

me me me me!!

27. Hil Lopez 11 years ago

Kick it down, bro.

twitter: lolopez

28. Morte 11 years ago

pick me or something

29. Gusto 11 years ago


30. goverland 11 years ago

Sweet contest
Me please!

31. Sam K 11 years ago

Me me me me meeeeeeee!!!!!
Me please!

32. Thomas Sluciak 11 years ago

Me, me, me, me, a thousand times me!!

33. The Wizard 11 years ago

Holy Open Cupboards, Batman! A contest that requires no work!

34. KeithS 11 years ago

Me please!!

35. Zopy 11 years ago

Worth a try.

36. MasterWolf 11 years ago

Me please! ,
Messa want to weens diss
Darthwolf at

37. Crazy 11 years ago

You know I would like one of those

38. Kelsey 11 years ago

I am saying “Me please!” not for me but for the world.

39. Son of Samus 11 years ago

Me perhaps?


40. G Burkart 11 years ago

Me Please! Would love it !!

41. billy sarno 11 years ago

me please

42. I totally live in the US 11 years ago


43. Rhett Vaughn 11 years ago

Awesome statue, and would love to have one!

44. Ryan G 11 years ago

This is totally Metal. Me want in!.

45. gordon 11 years ago

right here!!

46. Mark Waggoner 11 years ago

I am so totally in for this

47. Piggyson 11 years ago

“Me please!” or something like that

48. Chazberry 11 years ago

Me Please! I will display it to the metal gods!

Twitter: Chazberry

49. Matt 11 years ago

Oh my, that figure is the definition of badassery.

50. Lee 11 years ago

Me Please!!

The Metal tried to kill BRUTAL LEGEND but it failed haha!

51. Nick Schuette 11 years ago
52. Barry 11 years ago

Oh god I have to have this! \m/

53. Barry 11 years ago

Woops forgot to add my email

54. Jarett 11 years ago

Pick me o gods of Metal!!!!

55. Hector R. 11 years ago

hope im lucky enough!

pick me

56. Taylor Hemphill 11 years ago

Jack Black is My Favorite Actor, Singer, Gamer (All-in-One Actor). ME PLEASE!!!

57. Kenny Carvalho 11 years ago

Me please! The Rock Gods have spoken!!!!

58. Dingo Bonecrusher 11 years ago

I must have one because as the sun parts the blade shall rise and I must claim the relic.

I mean me please

59. J 11 years ago

“Me please!” or something like that.

60. Derrock320 11 years ago
61. Michael Taylor 11 years ago

Me, Me, Me please.

62. sahra giertz 11 years ago

pick me- i want some booty please!!lol. pretty please with rock god sprinkles of infinite awesomness!!(on top) i live in the mutha friggin united states of america with justice and rock for all…
my email is:
please check out my musical attempts at:
thanks everyone for making such such a kick-ass game.i have that mofo shizzle pre-ordered!

63. Jon 11 years ago
64. TheYam 11 years ago

I would really love one of these considering I’m your biggest fan. I mean…even my son wore the Mr.Pokeylope onesie…I’m that hardcore. So, ME PLEASE?!?

65. Sobou 11 years ago

Me Please! Or something like that.

66. aots16 11 years ago

w00t! statue looks awesome cant wait for BL!

67. Shawn Rose 11 years ago

You can reach me at

68. Marc 11 years ago

me please.

@wanderingman on twitter

69. Alex Wirges 11 years ago
70. Jon Duckworth 11 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this game for so long. After each delay or postpone in the past I wondered if I would ever get to play Brutal Legend. I mean you can’t get much better than Jack Black, ultra-violence and of course…METAL!! And now, in two days, IT WILL BE HERE!

Thanks for the awesome! You can contact me at

That is, if I’m one of the lucky ones.

71. mgoblue21 11 years ago

Those look awesome!

72. Undrallio 11 years ago

Oh lord, limited edition swag. Must have!

73. Will 11 years ago

I would like to win this wonderful piece of Art Kickass-o. Please deliver it posthaste!

74. Chris 11 years ago

Me Please….

This game will melt faces.

75. Arturo 11 years ago

Me Please!!! Me Please!!!Me Please!!!Me Please!!!

76. Marin Lipovac 11 years ago

Me Please!

I would definitely cherish this baby.

My email is:

77. Matthew Harper 11 years ago

Me please! A very beautiful piece of work, it is.

78. Nevik James 11 years ago

That is definitely metal.

79. Helen 11 years ago
80. Dan 11 years ago

Pleeaaaase! I’d love one of these so much. I’ve been following the development of Brütal Legend since I saw it in a magazine more than two years ago.

81. Austin 11 years ago

Me please. :D

82. Cristina Rainwater 11 years ago

I would love to win this for someone dear to me as a gift!
Plus, this game is effing rad.

83. thymaster 11 years ago

oh! oh! pick me , oh oh oh !!! pick me me me please!!!!!!!!

84. Christopher Rodriguez 11 years ago

Hey Ryan And Electronic Arts!!!
This figurine is kick ass and I want it! (please)
It resembles jack black but a “He-man version” of him (with all do respect to jack blacks manliness the great guy that he is) please me!!!!!!!!! If I gotta say that to enter
Your friend and customer/consumer

85. Hellrazerhd 11 years ago

Hmm this looks like a cool contest and a cool game. Oh god of metal, bless this ga’me please’!

86. Filthydrummer 11 years ago

SO im a Huge metal head and I would LOVE this so ME PLEASE!


87. Frank 11 years ago

I’ll be taking that!

88. Michael 11 years ago

Yo porfavor!

BTW my email is

89. Shandy 11 years ago


Anyone else see Jack Black on MTV the other night. LOL @ that muscle suit he had on.

Hope I win…and this game is going to ROCK in more ways than one.

90. iamthemilkman 11 years ago

I want this so badly. I’ve been a Tim Schafer fan all my life, even going as far as ordering nearly every piece of merch from the Double Fine store, including a signed copy of Psychonauts, which is one of the best game’s ever made, imo.

I watched the Gamespot Hands-On of Brutal Legend a few days ago and they showed of thise sculpture and it looks absolutely amazing. The quality of it is astounding. Everything looks so finely detailed and the stature is enormous in size.

This is something I would never give away or sell. This would always be a part of my collection.

91. Andrew 11 years ago

“Me please!”

Choose me please!

92. Rey Dinapo 11 years ago


93. Kay 11 years ago

kay.willow at would be interested in rocking out with Eddie Riggs!

94. bfwc 11 years ago

Me please!

e-mail fw1701 (at)

95. André Santos 11 years ago

Me squared!

Reach me @

96. Ricardo 11 years ago

Me please!!!! Tweet me!!!

97. Compton Rage 11 years ago

Me Please! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with Alice Cooper on Top!

compton dot rage at gmail dot com

98. Belgain Roffles 11 years ago
99. Kyle 11 years ago

Me please!

100. BigDFG80 11 years ago

Me please

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