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Brutal Legend to be released on PC

News posted by Ryan on February 16th, 2013 at 12:27pm GMT

It turns out that Double Fine now owns the rights to Brutal Legend, and has decided to self-fund a re-release of the game on PC! For those who haven’t invested in a console this is great news, giving you the opportunity to experience an underrated gem in Double Fine’s rapidly growing library.

Not only will it be released on PC, but it’ll include all of the DLC and come with some technical/graphical improvements. As if that wasn’t enough, the long-anticipated Brutal Legend art book is finally coming out and is literally being printed as I write.

Tenacious D guitar now for sale

News posted by Ryan on September 29th, 2010 at 10:41am GMT

Remember that real-life Tenacious D guitar that made an appearance before Brutal Legend‘s launch? The lucky guy who won it has unfortunately hit upon money issues and is being forced to sell his wife, his children, and of course the guitar.

That’s all very tragic, but for you it means there’s an opportunity to own this unique item! You’ll probably never have this chance again, so if you’re interested and have very deep pockets for a starting bid of $666 it could be yours.

No further Brutal Legend DLC planned

News posted by Ryan on March 3rd, 2010 at 9:00pm GMT

Brutal Legend designer Tim Schafer has clarified to a fan via his Twitter page that there’s no further Brutal Legend downloadable content currently in development. Unfortunately this means an end to hopes that there’ll be an extension of the single-player story (unless there’s a sequel).

Of course, don’t forget to check out the existing two DLC packs if you haven’t already:

  1. Tears of the Hextagon
  2. Hammer of Infinite Fate

Brutal Legend faces smorgasbord of awards

News posted by Ryan on February 16th, 2010 at 10:37am GMT

If you love Brutal Legend, you’d better be hoping it wins the bunch of Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award nominations it’s up for next week! As Double Fine Action News points out, the game’s in the running for the following:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Story
  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack
  • Outstanding Character Performance (Eddie Riggs)
  • Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year

Yeah! And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also up for the ‘Best Audio’ and ‘Best Writing’ Game Developers Choice Awards, and a BAFTA award for ‘Story’.

Wish Double Fine luck! I mean they shouldn’t need it, but you know how gamers are with their Modern Battlefield 2 and Uncrafted 2.


[February 19th, 2010 at 10:13am GMT] A victory for good taste! Brutal Legend has picked up the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack’ and ‘Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year’. Nicely done, Double Fine!

Brutal Legend and cake: the perfect combo

News posted by Ryan on February 1st, 2010 at 11:26pm GMT

Dedicated mum Barbarann Garrard gave her son a 10th birthday to remember a couple of days ago when she presented him with a cake of epic metal proportions. Although not a professional cake decorator and having been doing it as a hobby for just a year, clearly the results are excellent!

Weighing 70 pounds and standing 32 inches tall, this thing ought to be put in a museum — especially when you consider that she spent an impressive 70-80 hours on its fine craftmanship. The only problem with making awesome cakes is the need to eat them!

Check out the gallery below, and go even further down if you want to read the creator’s detailing of the cake’s finer features.

A technical run-through by Barbarann

“The cake was very big, it weighed in at 70 lbs and was 32” tall. I made EVERYTHING on that cake and everything is edible and/or made of edible materials & handpainted or airbrushed with edible food dyes.. (with the exception of some dowels for support on both the cake and some of the elements on the cake , and some wires were used to insert the letters for the words & a few other elements )

“Eddie Riggs was made of modeling chocolate mostly, (and gumpaste/fondant ).. and hand painted with edible dyes..

“Clementine is gumpaste and fondant (with wires for strings, and a thin wooden dowel for support)
the Axe ( the seperater ) is gumpaste, and has a small wooden dowel….

“Other elements such as Ormagoddon and the flowers ( home made stencil also ) that look like little hands making the “rock on” gesture,

“The lettering ( again, a home made stencil) that says “Happy 10th Birthday Jakob” ( my son), and the “exhaust pipe tree”, are all gumpaste and fondant.

“The spikes along the bottom two tiers are solid chocolate poured into some molds, then painted with edible luster dust,

“The chain, on the 3rd tier up, is made out of fondant and pressed from a home-made mold.

“The flames were cut from gumpaste using a home-made stencil , then airbrushed with edible dye.

“The coprse pile is rice cereal treat covered in chocolate , then tiny chocolates poured into the shapes of various bones and skulls were pressed on top..though, some chocolates were carved into the right shapes because I didnt have molds for some of the desired shapes.

“Next, fondant was layed over the top and shaped and formed around the chocolates under it, then airbrushed.

“The cross and sword are a combination of chocolate and fondant that have been airbrushed.

“The amps are made of rice cereal treat, covered in fondant and then handpainted ( although I put a Marshall logo , instead of Mitt E. Watt , which is what they have on them on the game… )

“This cake took between 70-80 hours total or me to complete ( right in my home kitchen.)

“And my son loved it!”