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Enemies & Minions

There’re dozens of secondary characters in Brutal Legend, ranging from the relatively normal to the truly bizarre. Many can be made to see the light and join Eddie as one of his minions.


These disproportionate humans were once regular people, taken from their villages and forced to work in the Crushing Pit. Here, they were made to mine for ancient car parts by bashing their heads against the rocks. This eventually led to them having unbelievably strong neck muscles, not to mention a very bloody nose. When allied with Eddie, the Headbangers can form a mosh pit around him for protection.


Carrying a shovel and similarly sharp objects that can be used to cut deep into any foe, the Gravediggers attack in large numbers and are often led by a Bride.


With an appearance that’s terrifying in itself, the Bride leads other sorrowful humans such as the Gravediggers into battle. A storm cloud perpetually hovers above her head, and her movements are eerily slow.


Capable of inducing fear in anyone they encounter, the Reapers ride skeleton horses and unsurprisingly resemble the Grim Reaper — with the added feature of headphones so they can listen to their tunes while they go about business.

S&M DemonS&M Demon

While the S&M Demons don’t ordinarily resemble the humans of the world in any way whatsoever, for some reason their wish is to appear humanoid in shape. To accomplish this, they wear tight latex that holds their gruesome bits in the appropriate places. There are most probably various types of S&M Demons.

Fire BaronFire Baron

Riding motorbikes that tear up the ground like crazy, the Fire Barons leave an inferno of flames in their tracks as they thunder across the land. Although they ordinarily just do this for fun, they can circle their enemies to effectively trap them in a ring of fire.


Once enslaved in General Lionwhyte’s pleasure tower, the Runaways escaped after years of being forced to dance for Lionwhyte. They have an undying desire to get vengeance for their imprisonment, riding into battle on Eddie’s shoulders and hoping to see Lionwhyte himself.


Huge fists allow the Bouncers to deliver brutal blows to their enemies. Large than Eddie’s entire body, their fists are likely to intimidate an enemy long before they get close enough to use them.


Carrying a huge pile of amplifiers on their backs, the Roadies blast out killer feedback to disable their enemies.


A tree grows out the back of these sorry-looking creatures, presumably once human but can now hardly be considered as such. A great height with an almighty hunch gives the Treebacks their distinctive shape.