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Main Characters

The presumed main characters in Brutal Legend are listed below. As in-depth information about the various characters is currently scarce, some characters may eventually be moved from here to the Enemies & Minions page and vice versa.

Eddie RiggsEddie Riggs

The protagonist of Brutal Legend, Eddie is the roadie to end all roadies. When the most brutal heavy metal bands in the world want to put on their most killer shows yet, Eddie’s the man they call. Eddie breathes metal, and has unmatched road crew experience under his belt. It’s almost as if he was born with an innate connection to the spirit of metal.

Unfortunately, Eddie has an accident while preparing for a huge gig and spills blood on his belt. At this point it becomes apparent that his belt has more than experience to it; the blood awakens the beastly head that is his belt buckle, which promptly drags Eddie back through time to the mythological world of metal.

Eddie is no hero, and he’s no action man — although he does seem strangely adept at using an axe he comes across. But what he does know is metal, and that along with the demonic wings he’s mysteriously developed are exactly what’s going to get him through this bizarre land.


Responsible for the enslavement of humanity and a world overrun with vile creatures, Doviculus is the leader of the demons and the being who Eddie must ultimately take down if he’s to liberate the people. A bridge destroyed towards the beginning of Eddie’s journey separates the roadie from the demon leader holed up in the demons’ home base, requiring that he take a detour through the vast world of metal.


Eddie will meet Ophelia very early on in his journey, who ends up being a complicated love interest for the lost roadie. She’s one of the oppressed humans of the world, struggling to fight the demons — one of which injures her badly, prompting Eddie to scale a great mountain to meet a healer who can help her. It would appear from concept art that she’s somewhat two-faced.

Lars and Lita HalfordLars and Lita Halford

Two humans clinging on to life in the world of metal. Eddie immediately sees that Lars has the potential to be a powerful force of metal, and so works to make it happen. His sister Lita is immediately captivated by Eddie, but doesn’t let that distract her from ardently protecting her brother.

Kill MasterKill Master

With healing riffs that’re said to be capable of relieving even the most horrific injuries, the Kill Master is a shamanistic bass guitarist who lives at the peak of a mountain — a strange place for a man whose second passion in life is riding his motorbike. However, despite this treacherous choice of residence Eddie must scale the mountain so the Kill Master can heal his injured friend and join his cause.

General Lionwhyte

A man with hair so long, luscious, and fabulous that he can use it to fly, Lionwhyte is a subordinate of demon leader Doviculus. He employs an army partially composed of headbangers with fluffy hair and accessories, and keeps dancing slave girls in his pleasure tower who ultimately escape and seek revenge.