BRUTAL! joins the wonderful world of Twitter

News posted by Ryan on September 24th, 2009 at 12:15pm GMT

TwitterIt’s become apparent that BRUTAL!‘s lack of a Twitter feed is getting downright ridiculous, so rather than waiting until the introduction of the site’s new design it’s been put live immediately and you can now be notified of all future updates via Twitter.

What new design, you ask? Don’t panic — it’s not going to be too dramatic. The problem is that the general format of BRUTAL! has remained mostly the same since its launch, but the volume of Brutal Legend news and media has cataclysmically exploded.

The current design can’t adequately highlight all the new videos, images, etc that’re constantly flooding in, so it’s going to be shuffled around a bit and the front page is going to become more of a portal for the site’s various content; the site will also be better integrated with its various tie-ins such as Twitter and YouTube. It’ll retain a comparable look and feel, though. When’s it coming? Probably roughly when the game comes out.

But anyway, for now by all means follow BRUTAL! on Twitter and if you have any suggestions concerning the way it’s approached please comment. For example I’ve chosen to include Community Tracker updates on a trial basis, but if it seems too spammy I’ll have to reconsider.

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