Four videos thrown up to celebrate return

News posted by Ryan on July 27th, 2009 at 12:53am GMT

Gameplay Commentary by Tim Schafer (Part 3)Well I’m back from my holiday, and it was splendid thank you! I even managed to avoid sun burn this year, which is a personal best.

Typically an absolute mountain of new Brutal Legend footage was sent through to me during my absence, which I’ve just processed and added to the ‘Videos’ section — although you’ve probably already seen it on another site by now.

Specifically, there’s a new episode of ‘Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black’ and a three-part developer walkthrough by Brutal Legend designer Tim Schafer (avoid if you’re adverse to spoilers).

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the comments of my holiday post, you’ll notice that the most excellent BRUTAL! regular Mykal has been linking to some quality videos. Firstly there’s a GameTrailers TV episode that features a peek at Brutal Legend‘s multiplayer, and secondly there’s a Joystiq interview with Tim Schafer.

2 headbangers have commented on this post
1. Mykal 13 years ago

Thanks for the compliment, but I am just one member of the army of fans just like you.

2. Coggs 13 years ago

I hope your vacation was totally metal!

Brutal just wasnt as Brutal while you were gone! and of course you missed out on some awesome stuff!

Good to have you back!

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