Kotaku snaps Brutal Legend concept art

News posted by Ryan on March 25th, 2009 at 3:23pm GMT

Brutal Legend concept artWith the Game Developers Conference that I wrote about a couple of months ago now underway, new Brutal Legend media is starting to spill onto the internet. Although the Brutal Legend-related talks at GDC haven’t yet taken place, Double Fine has allowed the press to take a look around their studio and see what’s going on.

There’s currently an embargo on posting specific details about the game; however, gaming blog Kotaku has been granted permission to post their photos of the visit, which showcase a whole load of Brutal Legend concept art and other Double Fine paraphernalia.

There’re at least a few dozen pieces of concept art visible in Kotaku’s high-resolution photos, complete with various captions and whatnot which hint at the kind of things we’re going to see in the game. We can see new enemies named, maps of areas in the game, and various other interesting tidbits.

Once GDC has settled down I’ll take the time to dissect these a bit and work out what exactly they reveal, but if you spot anything interesting in the photos don’t hesitate to post a comment!

Thanks to Jeff Moeller for giving me a remarkably fast heads-up on these.

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1. Coggs 14 years ago


I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at every little detail I could in these concept arts. It provides some intresting new details here and there. This game keeps getting better and better!

2. Andrew 14 years ago

Very cool. I found this site / news link through BrewtalLegend on Twitter, btw. Anybody else have a good source for BL news tips?

3. Kroms 14 years ago

http://www.mixnmojo.com/ Andrew :P

Lots of excellent details on the game, by the way. I love how many little touches there are. And the DF artists are SUPERB.

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