Publishers continue to fight over Brutal Legend

News posted by Ryan on July 31st, 2009 at 9:19am GMT

bobby_kotickWhile it seems like the publishing drama never seems to end, the Associated Press reports that a final court date of August 6th has been set which should mean we’ll know what the deal is before long.

The judge presiding over the case says he’s probably not going to delay the release of Brutal Legend, and additionally indicated that he doesn’t believe Activision Blizzard’s odds of winning the case and getting their demands met are good.

However, the judge did follow that up with “This is going to be a close call”, believing that neither side in the lawsuit has a particularly outstanding case.

Also of note is that Double Fine countersued Activision Blizzard last week, claiming that “Activision filed its claim specifically to hurt the San Francisco-based developer”. And according to Double Fine’s representative, here’s why the game was actually cancelled:

“Activision canceled the studio’s game after an aborted attempt to convert it into a Guitar Hero sequel.”

Is it possible Activision Blizzard has actually gone mental, considering Brutal Legend and Guitar Hero reside in completely different genres? It’s almost like trying to convert Call of Duty 6 into Grand Theft Auto 5 just because they both have guns.

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1. exterminater999 13 years ago

Just give up Bobby u cant stop Brütal Legend
we have an army!!! you dont!!!
Double Fine will PWN Activision in the most Brutal and metal way possible :P

2. Mykal 13 years ago

First of all you can;t pwn someone and be metal. Metal isn’t retarded. Second it is the law of the land. If you don’t abide by that the cops, then the US army will come in to make it so. The US army is a good army, so I think the law will determine what will happen. This kind of thing is why I have much hatred and respect for judges. They hold a good deal of power in determine something like this.

3. Potatoe sam 13 years ago

activision are c%$ts plain and simple why would they want brutal legend when they can get more money from selling a game over and over again of course i’m talking about guitar hero there just milking that franchise muthafu%$er’s

4. Coggs 13 years ago

I honestly cant belive Activision is doing this, there public relations has been going down the toilet for the last year or so and this is only making it worse, while on the other side of the fence EA has been doing better and better and actually listening to gamers as a whole. I have been checkin’ forums and it seems people who arent even all that excited for Brutal Legend think this is a huge asshole move on Activisions part and rightfully so. I havent really every “boycotted” something before, but let me tell you if Activision ends up delaying the release of Brutal Legend they wont see another dollar from me! (Luckily the dont really have any games I want to begin with)…

Anyways, the wait until the 6th is gonna suck! Hopefully all goes well for Doublefine and EA!

5. kevimister 13 years ago

we should start a rebellion….

6. Mykal 13 years ago

Still the drama does add to more people knowing about it. So at least this isn’t all bad news.

7. Kaz 13 years ago

Wow no matter how hard I try I can’t see Brutal Legend being a GH sequel. If Activison succeeds (which they won’t) hopefully all they can do is delay not stop the game all together. Activison is really pissing alot of people off I mean I can see GH having like 20 sequels but to drop a game, see at E3 that it looks awesome, then try to stop that game because your stupid ass didn’t get their way…….I just think they should burn for eons in the darkest depths of hell. The good news is that so many people will protest and boycott if this goes through the game will eventually go through.

8. OzzY OsbournE 13 years ago

Activision shoudlnt have dropped the game if they were gonna do this sh*t. In the latest OXM it stated
“Rocktober Must Go On”. Go Double Fine!!!!

9. Death in a handbasket 13 years ago

I believe the law of attraction states: if you want something bad enough it will find it’s way to you.
Which means that even if the the brutal legend delivery truck collides with a tanker full of deisel and explodes on the freeway in the coolest/saddest explosions ever, there WILL BE 69 more coming on all other roads!
Brütal Legend is so perfect, it has a massive following that has grown so fast that it has already focused thousands of minds into “willing” it to appear and since we still have 2 more months to find more minds to focus on it.
I guaruntee you all will be holding you’re very own copies of Brütal Legend in your hands no later than Rocktober 13, 2009. it’s a law!


10. Kajebus 13 years ago

If Acti**ckers think for 1 min that they will win the case they are wrong… o so very wrong…. i think jack black will just jump into the court room with KG and with karate they will kick there a**. Lets go Brütal Legend!!! this game is comin out on my b-day and i swear to god if Activision changes that…… Rocktober!


11. TheBeastWithin6 13 years ago

As if Activisions rep didnt suck enough now theyre pulling this crap?Theyll probably end up going bankrupt at this rate…and im gonna laugh my ass off when they do.

12. Coggs 13 years ago

I am glad to see everyone is just as fired up as I am about this.

I have been gaming sence the SNES days, and in all my years of gaming I have NEVER been more excited for a game than Brutal Legend. I have been waiting for this game sence October 2007 when it was first showen in game informer. Sence that day I have pretty much checked for news on it EVERY SINGLE DAY. That means by the time Brutal Legend has come out I will have been waiting for 750 days…and if I have to wait a day more then that I will go to Activisions headquaters and punch Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) in the face!

13. TheBeastWithin6 13 years ago

Coggs, if they pull it off and I were you, Id take a baseball bat…

14. Grawly 13 years ago

Activision, you dim-witted bovines, give it up!

15. Kajebus 13 years ago

I agree with TheBeastWithin6, baseball bat…. or a battle axe.. killed by the thing they shut down…. irony?


16. exterminater999 13 years ago

ha nice Kajebus personally i think put them in the middle of a dessert then nuke them, but then thats bad for everyone with the nuclear fallout.
mabey put him down in a dungeon and torture :D

17. ravenstrong 13 years ago

Activision isn’t anything to worry about, EA is bigger and way more powerful. What we should be wondering is how many pieces Activision is gonna be in when this is over hahaha

18. MiniF 13 years ago

EA & Double Fine are awesome, this game will be awesome and Activision can…do something nasty to themselfs for trying to cancel the game!

19. Potatoe sam 13 years ago

hey activision fuck you!

20. exterminater999 13 years ago

well the day is drawing closer, this should end along with a conclusion tommoro lol
mabey theyll bothe get sued same amount and will end in a truce lol mabey not.

21. runnig wild 13 years ago

activision is dead for me many years ago, and hope don´t stop a very good game like brütal legend,pss running wild in brutal legend.

22. Potatoe sam 13 years ago


23. Coggs 13 years ago


Double Fine/EA – 1

Activision – 0

They reached a settlement and Brutal Legend will come out on time!!!

25. Potatoe sam 13 years ago


26. Death in a handbasket 13 years ago

told ya we’re unstopable!!!

p.s. everyone visualize me winning a ps3, so i can actually play it at home

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