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News posted by Ryan on June 3rd, 2009 at 5:16pm GMT

brutal_legend_20090602230915Can anything kill the Metal?
No, the metal will never die.

Is this game going to make me turn from a casual metal fan into a problematic metal fan?
If you are casually into metal when you start Brutal Legend, you will be a raving metal nerd by the time you are done. Your brain will explode with all the metal you take in.

The game is not going to have multiple endings, is it?
No, just one ending: You being the happiest game player of all time.

Why did you decide to pick Jack Black to be the lead?
Jack is a great actor and a true fan of Metal and games. The work he did in School of Rock and Tenacious D were a big inspiration for Eddie Riggs.

What do you say to people who think Jack Black is your younger brother.
That is a big secret. Our mother separated us at birth so that Darth Vader wouldn’t find us.

How much focus have you put towards the multiplayer aspect of the game? What details can you discuss so far (modes players etc)?
We have been working on our multiplayer game longer than our singleplayer game. Details about it in the coming months.

Who in the Brütal Legend team holds the record number of cock pushups?

Are there lots of cool easter eggs and references to older games?
Here and there — it’s a hard to keep those from sneaking their way into the game.

This latest idea of yours… Riding up to our shareholder’s meeting with a gang of bikers? Who do you think you’re fooling?
The shareholders, sir. It’s good PR to be seen hobnobbing with real Corley Motors customers.

What sort of cool moves does Eddie Riggs learn?
I think my favorite is the Rock Slide. Eddie can run and slide for a distance on his knees, creating a wave of rock energy that knocks his unsuspecting foes to the ground.

Give me 7 reasons for why I should play Brütal Legend. Also, will there be demo?
Jack. Ozzy. Rob. Lemmy. Lita. Decapitaion. Making-out. Maybe.

Are any of the guitar solos used with Clementine from any specific song or are they of your own design?
We creating original solos with some exciting name talent from the world of metal.

How many vehicles will be available for use in Brutal Legend?
Many awesome hotrods and choppers are at your disposal: The Deuce, the Headsplitter, the Rock Crusher, the Fire Baron.

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4 stoners have commented on this post
1. Mykal 12 years, 3 months ago

Was awesome on many levels.Hope you guys had a question or two answered as well.

2. Coggs 12 years, 3 months ago

Awesome he did it, we got a few nice answers, some funny ones too.

Overall I was disapointed with many of the questions asked tho. Oh well!

3. Mykal 12 years, 3 months ago

I know Coggs, many asked questions that had already been answered. Went threw the links and gave them when I could. I got to help Tim, was a dream come true. Was tough keeping up, was impressed at how well Tim was able to do it.

4. tredlow 12 years, 3 months ago

“I can’t pick a favorite! That would be like picking a favorite flower in a garden of beautiful flowers. Wait, no. It’s like something much tougher sounding than that!”

“The shareholders, sir. It’s good PR to be seen hobnobbing with real Corley Motors customers.”

Tim Schafer is a big ball of wit and past references.

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