Screenshots ahoy, featuring the Kill Master

News posted by Ryan on April 30th, 2009 at 8:37pm GMT

Kill MasterThose who keep an eye on the Community Tracker will be aware of a few new screenshots that appeared this morning, but as a few more have appeared this evening I figured I’d make a post about them — especially considering the Kill Master himself is featured in one!

You’ll find the new screenshots in the ‘Miscellaneous’ gallery. Revealed are some new environments in the epic open world of Brutal Legend, as well as the aforementioned Kill Master and what looks to be Eddie’s vehicle workshop.

Presumably the various previews that’ve popped up today and the new screenshots are leading up to EA’s new Brutal Legend trailer tonight, which I should remind you airs at about midnight if you’re in the US.

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1. Mykal 13 years, 11 months ago

Greatness will occur. Though what is nice out of the Kotaku article with the screenshots was the tail of boss battle. This being something small where teliing that players can think there way or just hack at something long enough. Sounds nice since it gives the people like myself who don’t always see that kind of thing a chance to still figure a way out.

2. Coggs 13 years, 11 months ago

As always nothing but pure awesome has came in these interviews and screens!

I love the Killsmaster, looks like a perfect “godly” version of Lemmy. So cool.

All great previews and screens! I cant wait for the new video tonight!


3. Mykal 13 years, 11 months ago

True, but I love this screen shot because there be the possibilty of a metal version of harpists of Kung Fu Hustle of notes being the blades of these warrior of rock. Just is going to be beautiful.

4. Mykal 13 years, 11 months ago

Sorry the hyperlink didn’t work the link is to

5. Coggs 13 years, 11 months ago

^ I actually thought the same thing!

6. Kroms 13 years, 11 months ago

That trailer was awesome.

Holy crap, guvnah.

7. Mykal 13 years, 11 months ago

One can not argue with that Kroms.

8. Ryan BRUTAL! Staff 13 years, 11 months ago

Man, that trailer is indeed the shazbot.

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