Win an Eddie Riggs figure from BRUTAL!

News posted by Ryan on October 10th, 2009 at 8:43pm GMT

Eddie Riggs figureWith those Eddie Riggs figures being so damned awesome, I decided that it’s only right BRUTAL!‘s readers get a chance to win one. So, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to swipe one from the unholy crypt of Brutal Legend merchandise and am giving it away!

Behold the complex entry requirements:

  1. Check that you live in the United States (Sorry if you don’t!)
  2. Leave a comment on this post that includes “Me please!” or something like that

On Rocktober 13th — the day Brutal Legend hits US stores — I’ll run the names of those who comment through a randomiser and announce the lucky metalhead.

It’d be wise to leave me some way of getting in touch with you (email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so I can notify you if you win. If you’d rather keep that private, just be around in a few days and you can send me an email to claim your booty!

Good luck!


[October 11th, 2009 at 10:51am GMT+1] A few people have expressed concern about the possibility of people entering multiple times under different names. Just to clarify, IPs are logged and thus brutal measures will rain down upon those who employ such tactics (ie: disqualification).

Update #2

[October 13th, 2009 at 10:39am GMT+1] Winner announced!

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1. Jason Paul 12 years ago

I want to Rock out with my chicken out with this piece on top of my entertainment center!!!! !OH YEAH! Email if that doesnt work [email protected]

2. quadric 12 years ago

quadric00 at hotmail dot com

3. BC 12 years ago

rock on!

inego33 [at] hot mail [dot] com

4. Brandon Stewart 12 years ago

oh oh oh! Me Please!

[email protected]

5. Alex 12 years ago

Me Please!
xmadrussianx at yahoo dot com

6. Typac 12 years ago

i’m almost as sexy as that figure, so just send it on over if you wouldn’t mind

[email protected]

7. Mark 12 years ago

Awesome bounty, indeed!


8. James 12 years ago

I want one pleeeeeeeease!

9. James 12 years ago

Oops forgot contact info

jimba_chiang at hotmail dot com

10. Laotar 12 years ago

Me please!

ROCKTOBER 13TH!!!!!!!!
[email protected]

11. Travis Faulds 12 years ago

Me please! Pleeeeeeease that figure rocks such hard balls!

[email protected]

12. Hades 12 years ago

F*ck yea I want one!

Twitter: TheRealHades
EMail: [email protected]

13. Blake 12 years ago

Me please!

14. Bubba Hotep 12 years ago

Me please! [email protected]

15. Mesty 12 years ago

Hell Yeah! That would look great standing proudly on my towering 13 foot tall blood and lava spewing metal bone mountain of evil from the depths of hell (made of KFC chicken bones, tin foil and spray paint)
[email protected]

16. Mashangle 12 years ago
17. Ohnobruno 12 years ago

Me please,

[email protected]

18. tyler 12 years ago

me please!

[email protected]

19. incubushead 12 years ago

Me please!

20. Brian 12 years ago
21. Icebox 12 years ago

Don’t Give Me One! I Don’t Have A Use For It.
Just Kidding, I’m Totally Going To Win.
Ormagoden Willing.

[email protected]

22. Ernie Lorenzo 12 years ago

Me Please!

23. Ernie Lorenzo 12 years ago

Me Please!
[email protected]

24. Robert Brandin 12 years ago

Me please!

25. Robert Brandin 12 years ago

Sorry, forgot my email…

Me please!

tumes (at) msn (dot) com

26. Justin Waskiewicz 12 years ago

I’m in.

27. Xavier 12 years ago

Give it to Obama!

His email is [email protected], (or not).

28. Loralai Clark 12 years ago

This game looks totally awesome and it would definitely melt some faces!!! Send the figure to ME PLEASE!!!!

29. SlayveX 12 years ago

”Let’s get to moshin’ ”

Mosh me please!
[email protected]

30. Alex 12 years ago

Eddy needs a good home and I have chocolate chip cookies. Me please!


31. Tara 12 years ago

Everyone knows it’s the 1,433rd person to post to a forum should win. It’s just fact.


32. FatalError 12 years ago

*insert intensely brutal and metal statement here*

[email protected]

33. Jay 12 years ago

I don’t want anything, just hope the game is as awesome as I dreamed it would be.. Go TS and JB!!

34. Phillip Guanco 12 years ago

Dear Gods of gross leather things: ME PLEASE!

[email protected]

35. Phillip Steder 12 years ago

Oh man that’s metal, and I want it!

36. Joe 12 years ago

me please!

[email protected]

37. Peter 12 years ago

This would make for an awesome Rocktober; me, please!

38. Patrock! 12 years ago


i can has brutal? :3

[email protected]

39. Michael 12 years ago

Me! Me! Me! Me please!

You want to get ahold of me? Here’s my twitter. Or here’s my Facebook! Or here’s my email address: [email protected]

40. Randall 12 years ago

Do want.

[email protected]

Yes I made an email just for this.

41. MEEZY123 12 years ago

Wicked artwork! I would love to display it in my living room. [email protected]

42. B-rad 12 years ago

**** YES me please!! (it’s funnier when you bleep it out).

I rocked the **** out of the ****ing demo!

43. Nick 12 years ago

To the our dark lord I present to you this virgin girl’s soul in hopes that you give me the edge to obtain this symbol of the gods, that will allow me to enjoy this boon you’ve sent to humanity known only as Brutal Legend, and that I may use it with precise alacrity.

Thank you my dark lord.

Me please!

44. V0LK0V 12 years ago

Me please! 8D

[email protected]

45. Shawn Carraway 12 years ago

Me Please!

[email protected]

46. Tony Young 12 years ago

Open the Gates of Evil, O’ Lord and bestow upon me the Idol. I will use the POWER granted from this symbol of the Underworld and ROCK! \m/ DECAPATATIOoOoOOoOOoN!

[email protected]

47. Lock 12 years ago

\m/ \m/

Me Please!

48. Peter 12 years ago

Tomorrow!! Can’t wait!

rpialumchungp [at] gmail dot com

49. Roger Sellars 12 years ago

Awesome! I want it.
[email protected]

50. Dan 12 years ago

Reachable at: dgallo AT gmail DOT com

51. DustChunk 12 years ago

Me Please!
Twitter: @DustChunk

52. Jason 12 years ago

I can haz Brutal Legend?


53. Jared 12 years ago

Oh man if I end up getting him I’m gonna keep him by me the whole time I play the game. Also hurray for midnight launch!
[email protected]

54. Boutros 12 years ago

I would love one of these:) reach me at: boutros3x at

55. Miggidy Mike 12 years ago

Me Please!
I never win anything…..

56. Andres 12 years ago

Gimme Gimme!
([email protected])

57. ZTac 12 years ago

If it should please the Titans, me!

58. Crashpyro 12 years ago

I want that to statue atop my mantle peice (first I have to buy a mantle piece). It will be there for all to see, for everyone who enters my house to be in awe of the aura of metal. Of course I will also have to redo my floors to keep the melted faces from staining the carpet, but it would all be worth it to become the owner of this embodiment of greatness.

[email protected]

59. Colin 12 years ago

wow me please! that thing is amazing!

you can reach me at
[email protected]

60. KBK 12 years ago

Why, that Eddie Riggs is DOUBLE FiiiiIIIIne ~

Also, me please. :D

[email protected]

61. Crashpyro 12 years ago

By the way, I’m not sure I made it clear in my previous post but…
I will sacrifice 100 virgins/goats/ and whatever else to Ormagoden if need be. I need that statue.

62. Scott 12 years ago

ohh me!!!

[email protected]

63. Owen 12 years ago

Me Please!!!

E: [email protected]

64. Wes Dudamister 12 years ago

HEY YEAH THUR! my good buddy well hurrs the deal i’ll take one of them fancy smachy dolls of ur hands so yeah bromosexaull whata says?

[email protected]

65. John burks 12 years ago

I love BRUTAL LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACK BLACK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ME Eddie beside my ps3 badass haha
[email protected]

66. Jeff Luke 12 years ago

Me Please!~

[email protected]

67. Jake Suhoversnik 12 years ago

Thats badass. Me please for sure :P
[email protected]

68. Tim Janiszewski 12 years ago


[email protected]

69. David 12 years ago

Me Please! or something like that

70. Paul 12 years ago

Oh Gods of Rock and metal bless me with a stature that beholds the greatness of roadies everywhere!
in other words…


[email protected]

71. Adam Wilson-Selby 12 years ago

Yes, please!

[email protected]

72. Donny Taylor 12 years ago

Please may I have this statue Please.

It looks beastly.

[email protected]

73. Spın̈al Tap 12 years ago

Me Pleeeeeaaaaase?
Brütal Legend Rocks!
If the (unlikely) event I win you can contact me via my email address ([email protected])

74. Kevin 12 years ago


[email protected]

75. TheGreatSeal 12 years ago

Me Please!

reach me at [email protected]

76. Andy 12 years ago

Brutally please me!

[email protected]

also a fan at the Brutal Legend facebook page, as Andy Johnson.

77. RedlineMods 12 years ago

ME PLEASE! I thought I would try something new.


78. chino2012 12 years ago

\m/ SIGN ME UP! \m/

[email protected]

79. Kip Z 12 years ago

Me please!

[email protected]

80. Gordon Davidescu 12 years ago

Moi, si vous plait!

gordond @

81. Brandon Carter 12 years ago

RaaaaaaWWWWrrrrR!!! \m/(xx)\m/ Me, ME, NoW PleEEEase!!!!!

[email protected]

82. Dave 12 years ago

Ooh, ooh! Me please!


83. John 12 years ago


[email protected]

84. Ryan Price 12 years ago

“Me please!” or something like that

[email protected]

85. Ryan Myers 12 years ago

OOO! Me too!

[email protected]

86. Phil Castanheira 12 years ago

ROCKTOBER 13th!!!!!



87. Slamuel 12 years ago

Me please!

88. AzzMUNkee 12 years ago

Me please!

89. blueZorro 12 years ago

Face melting awesomeness necessary for completion of all life goal.

90. Potatoe sam 12 years ago

i’d prefer the game to this so yeah hell yeah awesome zilch days left but i wait till friday cuz im in europe

91. Saggy Z 12 years ago

Rock Me please!

92. Josh Cigna 12 years ago


93. Brett 12 years ago

17in Eddie ceramic figure……ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!
Pick Me Pleases

[email protected]

94. Justin 12 years ago
95. aaron 12 years ago

Me pwetty please!

96. thespyderboy 12 years ago

Me Please!

97. Greed 12 years ago

Please may I have another?

98. IblackrangerI 12 years ago

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR I AM A DEADLY SINNER …and also great reference to one of the best games ever in the opening to brutal legends [email protected]

99. Pancho_Villasan 12 years ago


100. David 12 years ago

Lucky randomizer, pick me! My twitter is

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