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Brutal Legend at Game Developers Conference 2009

News posted by Ryan on January 9th, 2009 at 10:20am GMT

Game Developers Conference 2009Anyone who’s followed the annual Game Developers Conference knows that it’s always an extremely interesting event, full of in-depth talks and demonstrations of the most cutting-edge game development techniques.

It was at GDC that Spore had its famous first demonstration, which set the industry alight with excitement. And it’ll be at GDC that more of Brutal Legend is unveiled, setting the industry alight with awesomeness.

Lee Petty, art director of Double Fine, will be holding a one-hour lecture about the art of Brutal Legend, going in detail into the process of how the company takes something from an initial idea to a full-blown piece of work. To quote the official description:

Details on how Double Fine met the challenge of creating a unique, stylized look while also delivering a “AAA looking” game on the current generation of consoles are revealed. Creating the art for Brütal Legend was particularly challenging, as the game features a tightly constructed, story-driven single player campaign, a free-roaming open world environment of epic proportions, and a rich multiplayer game.

A number of sites including the superb Mojo have picked up on the mention of ‘multiplayer’ in this quote, confirming that multiplayer has indeed made the cut after all the publisher problems — although there’re no details concerning how it’ll be implemented. I’m kind of thinking co-op will be a feature, seeing as people seem to love the concept of playing a story-driven game socially nowadays (on consoles, at least).

According to Develop there’ll also be a second Brutal Legend talk hosted by Double Fine’s lead simulation programmer Paul Du Bois, entitled ‘Robotic Testing to the Rescue’. This will be about the “automated testing framework” Double Fine is using for the development of Brutal Legend, and is probably less exciting than the other talk (Sorry Paul!).

Gameplay video now available for download

News posted by Ryan on December 15th, 2008 at 10:43am GMT

brutal_legend_20081217222623Well, the gameplay footage was shown as promised last night. Looks like the game is shaping up very nicely! You can grab the one-minute video from the trailers and commercials section, which features snippets of gameplay and in-game cutscenes.

Worth watching just as much as the trailer is the fantastic introduction by Jack Black, which I think can be summarised best with the following quote from Idle Thumbs’ Marek Bronstring:

“I can’t believe I just saw Jack Black yell TIM FREAKING SCHAFER TIM FREAKING SCHAFER and Tim being brought onto stage in a chariot, and then Brutal Legend getting plugged to the max. I love it.”

Yes, it really was that awesome — and he didn’t even mention the flamethrower! I was pretty taken aback by how OTT the whole introduction was; most appropriate for a game as brutal as this. For now I’ve only been able to find a low-quality recording of the introduction, so if you know of a better version please leave a comment or get in touch (it can be hosted here if it’s on your computer).

I’ll be sure to update the trailers and commercials section with the usual Flash version and such later today, as well as furnish the screenshots section with the new material; I’ll also be putting the introduction video up as soon as I can find a decent-quality version. Keep an eye on those sections during the next day or so!

LA Times interviews Tim Schafer and Jack Black

News posted by Ryan on December 14th, 2008 at 10:35pm GMT

LA TimesA bit of a gem managed to slip beneath the radar during the publisher news excitement the other day: an interview with both Tim Schafer and Jack Black, conducted by the venerable LA Times. Here’s a choice quote from Jack:

“I was a big fan of Tim’s Psychonauts game. That’s the amazing thing about this. Tim is the only person I would have done a video game with. And he’s the only one who’s ever asked me. It was… destiny.”

Also covered is how the two met, how Brutal Legend was conceived, and various talk about what the game is all about. So like any Schafer interview, well worth reading.

Don’t forget to tune in to Spike tonight!

News posted by Ryan on December 14th, 2008 at 6:36pm GMT

Tim Schafer and Mike TysonJust a reminder that the Spike Video Game Awards are on tonight at 9pm EST, during which the first Brutal Legend gameplay footage will be shown. It’s unclear how much (or little) will actually be demonstrated, but it’s certainly something you won’t want to miss if you can access the Spike channel.

According to Spike they’ll be putting the Brutal Legend premiere up for viewing online, however there’s been no indication of how good the quality will be. As such, it’d be really awesome if those of you with the appropriate equipment could record the show yourself in the highest quality possible — just in case.

Brutal Legend designer Tim Schafer has confirmed that he’ll be attending the event, along with many other guests including the likes of 50 Cent, former Xbox 360 boss Peter Moore, 24’s Kiefer Sutherland, and brutal boxer Mike Tyson.

A pre-show for the awards will be airing at 8pm EST, and can also be watched online.


[December 15th, 2008 at 2:16am GMT+0] The event has now been underway for just under 20 minutes, and it turns out that a live web stream is available. Enjoy!

Tim Schafer chats with GameSpot

News posted by Ryan on December 13th, 2008 at 2:27am GMT

GameSpotMan, it’s been a pretty exciting 24 hours for Brutal Legend fans. After the big publisher reveal and a small interview with Eurogamer, the night ends with Tim Schafer talking to GameSpot about the EA publishing deal and continuing development of the game:

“Jack [Black] is still in the [recording] studio. He has a lot of lines, but he is a big gamer and so he was actually prepared for what he calls ‘the phone book’, the script of the game. There’s a section of the game where he really just has to curse out this evil demon who’s coming up to him, so it was just better to let him go with it than to try and write it.”

Be sure to read the interview at once.